People-pleasing, addiction, righteousness, arrogance, rationalization, aggression, are the psychological survival mechanisms we will elaborate in this…
Psych Survival 101: The 3 D's of Psychological Survival are Depression, Dissociation, Denial. In this post we explore how they help us deal with life…
Understand the difference between your Life and your Self, learn about the survival mechanisms of Denial and Depression, and how you can transform not…

February 2023

A poem about the ineffable journey of Consciousness Development
What is an Identity Prison? What is Identity Lock-in? Learn about these concepts and ways to free your Consciousness from being suffocated in these tiny…

January 2023

OR "The Spiritual Self-Help Hamster Wheel"... Call it what you want. As long as you realize what it is and get off of it.
Tools and insights to move out of the realm of fear towards living life from a base of authentic desire and intention
An Exercise and Workshop for Decision Making and Consciousness Development
We explore common beliefs that that keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns as well as ways to become a healthier decision-maker

December 2022

My surrender experiment and the lessons I learned from it
The journey from Given Personality to Personality of Choice

October 2022

In this post we will explain exactly how it is possible for the Earth to be both flat and spherical, and a lot more...