An Exercise and Workshop for Decision Making and Consciousness Development
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Identify the reasons Self-help and personal transformation may not be working out for you and find the right kind of help to get you moving in life
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Depression, Hopelessness, and Real Hope
The Study of Self Method | Ti0x #0Watch or listen to get acquainted with some of the elements you can experience as part of the journey
You have been cancelled since birth. Your life is taken from you the moment it is "given" to you.
My surrender experiment and the lessons I learned from it
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Learn how to distinguish types of emotions and take control of your thoughts and feelings. Thinking and feeling may appear to be natural but they may…
Your presence, your desires, your needs, can all be inconvenient and burdensome to others. We unpack this topic and share why it is acceptable to be a…
Finding balance on the see-saw of denial-based positivity and "reality-based" nihilistic depression.