This was very on point for me, it occurred to me that I consider most of these topics in isolation but never holistically so (it sounds obvious but...) it's really helpful to have a well rounded breakdown of such a vast subject. I especially appreciated the fact it gives permission/invites you to own being a burden rather than denying there is such a thing. I find this outlook far more empowering vs the I'm-so-super-duper-worthy-so-I-can't-possibly-be-a-burden-to-anyone take ☀

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Oct 21, 2022Liked by Ti0

Thank you for your in-depth post about the origins of feeling a burden. Your thoughts regarding “people pleasers” and “narcissists” resonated with me and you explained it so well I can feel as I read that you really know what you are talking about 🙏🏽

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