What was your rebellious part doing when you invited yourself to your own personal hell?

I find myself wanting to do the ultimate "love & light" bypass version of this, where I just skip through the work in establishing firm boundaries/not being manipulated by guilt and go straight into pretending to enjoy things I hate :D

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Jan 1, 2023Liked by Ti0

Very glad to read your reflections on returning home. I especially resonated with the idea that facing your family is the ultimate test of your progress in self-growth. At the same time, examining what makes one uncomfortable or distressed to get at its root cause is to be welcomed not avoided. This makes perfect sense. My New Year’s resolution to “ Just Do It!” is in perfect synch because action is the means to progress. Examine the results and then move ahead. Much better than to stonewall and feel resentful. Being honest about one’s needs and examining the aftermath when they are disclosed IS progress. Thanks so much for sharing your personal journey. It is reinforcing as well as informative.

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