Feedback from an SoS participant who wishes to remain anonymous:

"Hello Ti0,

I enjoyed your podcast congratulations 🙂🙂🙂 and here is my feedback:

Content- (Great planning) EXCELLENT! very engaging and informative. It articulates your intention and gives the perspective of the subject undergoing the experience. This clarifies expectations as well as prepares listeners or the potential clients on process of what to expect.

Highlight- loved he whole thing, however really appreciated the delineation between “coping vs. healing” and the depth you went into to the topic. I also appreciated you pointing out the differences between an enlightened therapist vs one who has no clue.

This was wonderful because many so called therapists do more harm than good. Also loved how you referenced it back to how society reinforces stagnation and unhappiness by supporting the surface or appearances of wholeness and emtional well being.

Length- Ok for typical long podcasts, however may want to consider breaking topics into some shorter subtopics chunks or segments.

Technical- if possible to clear up back ground noises(very loud)

Sooo …will this will be very helpful to people? Definitely!

Thank you, 🙏🙏🙏


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Hi Ti0,

As a new SoS participant who has been on this consciousness journey for just a few months, I really appreciate your thorough introduction to the experience of participating in an SoS group with this podcast episode. Liis is a wonderful co-host and complements your instruction very effectively with thoughtful observations of her own experience as an SoS group participant. She is insightful and relatable too, as she shares the ongoing progression of her consciousness journey.

What stands out most to me from this episode are two things: 1) Liis’ observation that waking up to your true self is like realizing you’re on a stage and you’ve been acting out a performance using a script handed to you by someone else, and 2) your insight that we are so addicted to our own suffering that we can’t let go of it, and often we struggle to enjoy a reward for its own sake rather than feeling obligated to work or suffer first to earn it. I’m just beginning to grasp the first concept, and the second concept has proven to be painfully true in my own life. However, I’m also experiencing some major breakthroughs because I am finally facing and questioning my own self-limiting scripts.

This episode makes me feel eager to explore consciousness further so that I can stop getting in my own way and making myself suffer unnecessarily. Thank you for sharing this truly life-saving and life-changing wisdom. I look forward to learning more insights from your podcast and from the SoS group!

With gratitude,


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