Moving Out of FOMO | Ti0x #1

The Fear of Missing Out can be paralyzing. In this episode of The Infinite Zero Experience we discuss ways to address doubt, indecision, analysis paralysis, and regret, by grieving lost paths.

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This episode is a collaboration with my friend and Study of Self participant Sushil, who hosts the Heal With Sushil podcast. You can subscribe directly:

Continue watching Ep 0 which lays the foundation for the show and talks about the Study of Self method.

The Infinite Zero Experience
The Study of Self Method | Ti0x | Episode 0
Watch now (96 min) | In this introductory episode we discuss the Study of Self or SoS method for self-exploration and transformation. The podcast is hosted by Liis, a participant in the SoS group, and me, Ti0, the creator of this experience. I have been training as a consciousness development facilitator in a deeply immersive experiential way, learning and blending different methods such as Psychology, Shamanism, Entheogens, and one of the strong influences in my work is The Fourth Way for consciousness development…
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The Infinite Zero Experience
The Infinite Zero Experience Podcast is hosted by Ti0 with students, clients, and invited guests. We dig into topics related to Self-Mastery & Spiritual Alignment through methods such as Study of Self, Unschooling the Unconscious, The Yoga Beyond, Consciousness Nomadism, The Fourth Way of Consciousness, and more...