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What to do when Self-help is not working for you | Ti0x #3

Watch or Listen to learn about the reasons why self-help may not work, how and what to look for in real help, and helpful attitudes to make self-help work for you.

This episode follows on from the recently published article “It’s normal to fail at Self-help”. In this discussion we expand further on the article and provide some resources on looking for real help, as well as healthy and unhealthy attitudes and expectations related to Self-help.

You can watch the video above or listen to the episode either below or on your favorite podcast app.

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The Infinite Zero Experience Podcast is hosted by Ti0 with students, clients, and invited guests. We dig into topics related to Self-Mastery & Spiritual Alignment through methods such as Study of Self, Unschooling the Unconscious, The Yoga Beyond, Consciousness Nomadism, The Fourth Way of Consciousness, and more...