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Cancelled By Culture Since Birth | Ti0x #4

Exploring possible origins of Cancel Culture in the collective unconscious, how we can develop our individuality and free ourselves from the fear of being cancelled by our friends, family, & culture.

Original title as displayed in the video cover is: Cancel Culture Cancelled By Culture Since Birth. As individuals, we think believe we are conscious participants of Cancel Culture wherein we are doing the “right” thing. In this episode we discuss a possible origin of Cancel Culture being in the collective shadow or collective unconscious. Our family and culture cancels us at birth, creating a pattern which we repeat as we grow into “adults”. We discuss this topic in depth during this episode as well as the complementary article: Don't be grateful for the life "given" to you, which we strongly recommend reading.

We also discuss how this culture is impacting our individuality, and what we can do to develop ourselves and become free from the fear of being cancelled by our friends, family, and culture.

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In case you missed it, we had a “Whatch Party”, a live meeting over video with a wonderful group of people from all over the world which lead to a very interesting and insightful discussion on this episode where participants were asking questions and sharing thoughts on the topic in real time. Stay tuned for the recording and join us for the next one.

Whatch Party Recording

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